1live for love
2struck for drugsmp3
4save memp3
5i'd have been there for you
6do you feel alright
7true love is gone
8get mine
9the whole life
11struck for drugs '95

Remembering the good old times when we produced our first CD, lots of memories come cruising our minds. Memories of our cold cellar where weīve done the 4-track-recording of the "Facing Fomorrow" CD. Yes, the whole album was recorded, mixed and mastered by using a Fostex X-28 4-track-recorder and an old AIWA-tapedeck made for consumer use. (Rockinīs) Great sound for that kind of equipment, isnīt it?
Listening closely to the guitar tracks youīll recognize an acoustic guitar played in a way thatīs not Tobiīs style. In the beginning of our history there was a helping hand on stage and in studio named Oliver Dier. He did the second guitar. A year before the "Facing Tomorrow" album he quit but we asked him to record "his" guitar lines. The "Facing Tomorrow" times where even the times of ouir first drummer David Schopper.

Live for Love's lyrics - written by Sebi - express pure joy of life. David and Tobi composed the music to these words. The nasty melody line in the middle of this song is dedicated to a band living in our hometown and playing this kind of stuff for hours and hours in their mad shows. We werenīt able to cope with them until they quit music business only short time after "Facing Tomorrow" was released...

Struck for Drugs is the first song we have written. In its original itīs about the death of Tobiīs cat but was rearranged to the topic of drugs. Tobi said that the lyrics were easier to do using this topic... Itīs a song for all of those people who found and those who are on the way out of the swamp. Visit our show and you will hear this song in a nowadays version.

Torn describes Tobiīs feelings on a journey to Scotland with his first girl-friend. Watch the lyrics, there wasnīt a second holiday with his first girl-friend. Those were the days Rupi joined the band in 1993 and Elke Boxhorn left us not very amused. The song is danceable as a waltz!

A real fantastic song is Save me, written by Pfingsti. Later Martin brought a new kind of groovy drumming into the song. Live this song gets the audience dancing off their shoes (remember its speed at the chorus).

As the production of the first CD nearly reached the end Iīd have been there for you, a fine composed ballad reached the recording and later the mastering tape. The excellent guitar solo was remastered for the introducing track of the Voyage album "Welcome to your mind". A famous success for such an old song...

Sebi and Tobi worked together writing Do you feel alright. Listening closely you will notice the influence the outcoming Queensryche album "Empire" had during the creation of this hard rock song. The pathetic lyrics of good and bad, black and white underline their state of moral development at an age of 17 years. As you know the psychologist Kohlberg itīs the 4th step of development of his theory.

The recording of True Love is gone was a new experience of producing in Rockinīs Greatīs history. We did it in only one take, while using an untuned piano and two old acousic guitars. There wasnīt any kind of studio or something like that. We did it in a small room between 300 (!) designer dolls belonging to mum Zehīs collection. A crazy atmosphere. Sebiīs vocals were overdubbed later.

Get mine describes the love of the whole 10th form of our school to a nice girl who did not give back the love was given by about 60 young boys... Performing the song on a sunny stage in the center of our hometown Tobi was hit by the sun and lost his self control. So he tumbled around the stage but never stopped playing his guitar!

The bandīs second self wrirtten song was The whole Life. Pfingsti wrote lyrics, harmonies and melody. The track reminds on real social problems the world has to face and mankind has to find a solution.

Love Song is wild at performance but soft at heart. Arranging a soft ballad around still written lyrics (Sebi wrote it a year before) is sometimes very hard. But this time Tobi, David and Pfingsti had a so called flow experience. The ideas for harmonies and melodies could not be stopped and the song was styled in just three hours. Take your headphones, lay on your bed, enjoy.

Struck for Drugs ī95 is a rearranged version of our first written song. Newstyled by Pfingsti in 1995 for a big concert somewhere in North-Germany where ice-bears say good-night to you (temperature on stage was about 0°C). I think Guns īnī Roses were there, too. Now, find out the lie!