1live for love
2disaster called love
3do you feel alright?
5i'd have been there for you
7i'm not to take it
8disaster called love
9struck '95
10i wanna be the one
11open your heart (bonus track)

This CD was more or less a very good joke but a very personal one. Pfingsti recorded some sessions without the rest of the band knowing. So he one day presented this one. The complete number of copies is sold out. So there is just a short description of the single takes (for all the lucky ones, bootleg owners or copiers)

The first three tracks, "live for love", "disater called love" and "alright", are taken from a session on June 9th 1995 that documents our tendency to changing our instruments. David plays the guitar and Tobi wasn't there. Those funny versions of the songs have a special charme.

Tracks 4 - 9 were recorded on June 21st 1996 "love song" sounds like the band is making soundcheck. For those who want to listen to a live version of our loveliest old ballad this is the right choice.
With "I'd have been there for you" you have a proof for our former ability to write real good ballads. Tobi complains about not being able to play the guitar solo the way he did on the recording.
As you can see (hear), we are great fans of playing our hardest songs in a completely different manner. The funny thing at this acoustic version of "alright" is that we didn't know it was recorded. It reminds of a mix of Men at Work, Queensryche and something else.

"I'm not to take it", "disater called love" and "I wanna be the one" are very early versions of songs from our new album "welcome to your mind". You can hear the youth of the songs, first of all our very enthousiastic background vocals. Today we take flirtations more easy.
For this version of "struck '95" you better take our first album. It definitely sounds better.
"I wanna be the one" was taken in april 1996.

The real joke is track 11. It's probably the first recording of the band ever. Tobi, Dave and Pfingsti played in Dave's cellar in the year 1991. Don't listen to it, you'll lose your belief in good music! However, it is funny...