1the day after
2facig tomorrow
3take my hands mp3
4what do you want?
5i wanna be the onemp3
7i´m not to take it
9welcome to your mindmp3
10250 seconds
11tell memp3
12heaven or hell
13disaster called love
14know you too wellmp3

After four years of work our new CD welcome to your mind is ready to be sold. There was a lot of work to be done. Most of all Pfingsti, our Keyboarder and sound engineer had no free minute in the whole period of production. At the time the mixdown was made he looked very pale (sitting in the cellar is not very good for the complexion).
We started four times with the recordings because the we didn't like the old tracks any more. We have been through more than one year of heavieast war of nerves at production and recording sessions. Now we are glad to present the result of that.

The day after is the introduction to most of our concerts and leads us to the beginning of facing tomorrow. It is completely mixed by Pfingsti and a very old track, what is revealed by the mono-samples that it contains.
When the stage glows in a shimmery light and speakers greet you "welcome to your mind", Pfingsti begins with his piano intro before the whole stage shivers from the boost of the band coming in.

Every time we put facing tomorrow on our playlist the disussion starts if the song is too long for the audience to listen to or not. We drew the conclusion that we can expect of you listening to it.
The song was written when Sebi brought very good lyrics to one of our sessions and told us to continue the work on it. So David messed around on it and with the influence of us there came a partially dark but challenging ode to the responsibility of the future of every single person. The song went through many changes and after four years it is like it will be forever.

Take my hands is a typical example for Tobi's way to write songs. He came home from a GOTTHARD concert in 1999 when it came to his mind that we didn't have a really simple song for the radio. Some days later it happened when he was sitting alone in a train in the night. He thought of what he always wanted to say, what he always wanted to write about: "I'm there for you!" 45 minutes later the song was finished. It's perfect, simple, three minutes long. We tried it two or three times, recorded our tracks and we think it's the absolutely best chance to get into the top ten.

What do you want? That's Rupi. His songs are unmistakeable like a fingerprint. It's mainstream, but somehow it's Rupi.
The song deals with a deep crisis caused by a woman (he seems to like being led by the nose). It is a very good example for the development of our music's style. It's one of the two songs who made it on the album in the last second, but all of us are glad to have it there. It's a "learn to like me" song that doesn't let go of any more.
By the way, the fun at end of the song is live, real, no joke. That's the result when you sing the same part ten times and there is an ancient keyboard and a laughing bag.

When most of our fans heard I wanna be the one the first time they said: "You are no school band any more. Why is this song on your new album?"
Well, it's true, David and Tobi wrote this song for a girl they both loved. That was some years ago, when they still went to school. The lyrics stayed the same but the music grew up with us. And thinking of the fun we had with this song it has to be on the CD. Anyway there has to be a good ballad on every VOYAGE (Rockin's Great) album.

Yes, we know what trust sounds like. But that doesn't matter. It's a song about confidence, written by Sebi and David. Like on every song the whole band worked on it until something came out we all are satisfied with. And now it sounds like Van Halen, so what?

With I'm not to take it Pfingsti is telling us something about love, although in a less romantic way. The bass parts drove Rupi almost crazy. There is a video of the guitar recordings. It shows how Tobi is getting a bit angry with two people (Pfingsti and Sebi) around having a lot of fun and not even thinking of the guy who desperately tries to do his job. The mood of Sebi and Pfingsti you can hear from the laughing bag in the background of the solo, that of Tobi you can hear from the solo, Tobi said.

One of Tobi's first songs is experience. The girl I loved was then David´s girl-friend. He left her and she wrote some lyrics about how hard it is to be left. Thanks a lot! But it is real good lyrics that inspired me. Perhaps it is not a song for the radio but it is quite nice.

Welcome to yor mind is an ingenious song written by David with an incredible punch, perfectly arranged and we just had to add some riffs, licks and the guitar solo to give it a touch of VOYAGE. You can hear the influence of Queensryche´s album Empire. Actually we feel a bit sorry for the song being a past time song.

250 seconds is Tobi´s first try to get in the secret of uneven time. The title arose of Crash Test Dummies´ Mmh, mmh, mmh... being a title no one of us was very impressed by. So Tobi said, when there is no lyrics, we should leave it at that instead of calling it mmh.
In this song you can hear Martin. There is nobody else who can give that groove to it.

Rupi´s lyrics with the title tell me was the first song we worked out together with Martin. It is the result of work of the whole band with the objective that it is the fun we want to have. There are a lot of rhythmical gimmicks in it and a guitar solo Tobi is very proud of. But the best thing is to remember Sebi desperately trying to find a melody for the verses until he gave up.

If you want to get to know Sebi then listen to heaven or hell. That is our singer being so depressed and finished, that he starts to write songs. The guitar solo is there because we recorded some seconds too much for the guide track. We should get Sebi down once in a while.

Disaster called love is the song with the best story. A keyboarder has two women and they both meet each other. The song was written by Pfingsti and Tobi in Italy when they wanted to write a rock´n´roll song. A friennd of us helped to solve some problems with the lyrics.
At our gigs you will find this song in the midst of the funny part. There is no other song of us where we can play that much. But the best of all: The story is true.

Know you too well is the song we like most. There you can hear Rupi, too. Noone of us will forget the time he was in the studio for it, although just Pfingsti was really working hard especially on the orchestra. Maybe that orchestra is why it´s a song that can bring tears to your eyes.
At the end we would like to recommend something to you: When you are really down then do it like we do, put the CD into your player, take track 14 and put the volume control at the highest level your speakers can bear. ENJOY YOUR VOYAGE!

If you can´t find the bonus track, email us. You will get some hints.