Real name: Martin Steigenberger
Born: 12/13/1978
Kiefersfelden, Germany
Instrument: Drums

Hi there!
Actually I should tell you something about me on this page.
I won't!
I will tell you how fate brought me to VOYAGE what comes to six years of my life. That's enough, I think. Anyhow the rest is boring.

I was just 15 years old when I went to a forest party in Kiefersfelden in summer 1994. But I think that day is to blame for me now sitting here and writing these lines for you.
So, what happened?

Most of you will agree when I say that puberty is the hardest time of life: Trouble with the parents and not being keen about school. In the age of 15 I was an outstanding example of cool boy in the age of puberty. I always did the opposite of what I was told to do. In that evening in summer 1994 it was the same. I wanted to go to that forest party but some days ago there was the parents' evening where my parents found out what they knew before: Martin is a nice boy, but the laziest pupil on earth.
That's why I was not allowed to go to the party. After long begging and half an hour of washing up I was allowed to stay at one of my friends' place whose parents and mine are friends. What they didn't know was that my friends' parents were on holiday.
At nine sharp we were at the party. The band "Noblesse Oblige" played not exactly the music I like but the drummer was great. The high spot was a ten minute drum solo with the drummer throwing the sticks up in the air, catching them again and drumming on without loosing the time.
On that evening I decided to learn to play drums. After the concert I went to the drummer and asked him if he was willing to give me lessons. He had no time for me and because of that he gave me his addressand phone number so I could try again a few months later.
His name is Rochus Wede. In the meantime we are good friends and have made a drum project "The Bavarian Drumbattle".

After further begging and pleading and uncountable hours of washing up my new drumset stood in my room on November 20th 1994. I loved it. My neighbours didn't. I played like one possesed to the records of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles... I heard Steve Gadd playing, Simon Philips and Gerry Brown and I wanted to be like them. I soon recognized that you have to play up to ten hors per day to become that perfect. More than three hours a day playing were not possible. I tried to avoid becoming responsible for the dishes of my neighbours.

In the middle of 1996 I played in my first band "From Dusk Till Dawn". We played twice a week in Tuntenhausen. Don't ask where it is! I had to take the train to Rosenheim and our bass player met me there. That was one hour of running-time, we had to pay 300 DM rent per month and the band was far from being good. Suddenly that all changed when a keyboarder reacted to an announcement in the newspaper. After playing with him the first time we were convinced that we were the best cover band in Bavaria. The name of the keyboarder was Stephan "Pfingsti" Zeh.
More and more I felt keyboards and drums harmonizing with each other. Just the rest of the band didn't.

In June 1997 Pfingsti asked me if I felt like playing the drums at a contest with his band Rockinīs Great. I felt like it!
Soon I met the rest of the pack: Rupi, Tobi and Sebi. After the first time playing with them I never wanted to go back to Tuntenhausen.

Since that three years I (we) can be proud of have gone by. Of course there were lows (Ich bin der Anton aus Tirol), but that is what brought us together and what made us strong.

Befor shedding tears of joy I want to end this story with some words about me. This is the boring part:
When Iīm not writing an essay on the physical disintegration of a barley-corn with regard to the boiling time or to the polymerisation index, I devote myself to the practice of brewery, i.e. I like to drink beer. I like it most in an ethnic pub where the music sounds good.
To keep my imaginary six-pack belly I sometimes go jogging or in a fitness studio.

At the end Iīd like to thank Pfingsti for freeing me out of the Titty Twister in Tuntenhausen.