Real name: Sebastian Müllers
Born: 04/11/1974
Schwelm, Germany
Instrument: Vocals

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1. For my own security

You hit the right key to read about the rattling pace of my life, my music career, about a real fast car and other things in the world seen through my eyes but that nobody gives a damn about. Remember: Not anything read in the web is guaranteed to be true! (So, saying this words I canīt be punished for any misuse or quotation of the following wisdoms.)

2. The early days

Born as a child of parents living in the middlewest part of Germany I used the years of 1974 to 1976 in order to build up my voice by crying very loud. I think the folks of the industrial centre of Western Germany (Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg) werenīt very amused of this development. Well, Iīve never found out the real reason for the burnout start out off my hometown called Schwelm. Nevertheless my parents took me into their VW Beetle during a cold and dusty night in 1976, chained (fastened) me with a childhated seat for small people and gave rubber to get to Bavaria. Now, 24 years later I can imagine the reason, itīs to be described in only two small words: Bavarian beer! (Or maybe the moneybringing job of my dad...)

My days at primary school let me walk the right way of lifeīs crossroads straight to music. Beeing agonized by a red haired, hard nosed, peanut eating and smoking (yes, youīre right, even in the lessons!) female dragon of a primary school teacher it was impossible to play hooky the schools "volunteer music education lessons", where I learned to play soundsticks, the Orff-Xylophone and later the flute. Someday I was locked off the classroom for singing during the math lesson. More inspirated by personal boredom than by singerīs passion. This happened in my age of 6 to 9. (Later I should be lucky that there ainīt no use to work from 9 to 6. Very funny issue, isnīt it!?! O.k., not very!)

3. Müllersī middleage


I had my second important contact with music in the fifth, sixth and seventh form at a secondary school near Munich. In the lovely little city of Rosenheim teachers tried to teach me in maths, physics, classical German, English, Latin, biology, geography, religious education and what the hell is important to stay alive in Bavaria. But I discovered an island. A small, silent and tiny island in the middle of all these hard, loud and busy subjects...schoolīs big band! Our music teacher, Mr. Wagner (not Richard, the creator of history classic music, but even a famous fiddler), needed a new bass player for his classical orchestra and an e-bass player for his big band. He did not stop talking to me until I gave him the correct and positive answer.

Then I started a new project parallel and failed seventh form. My first real band "Unlimited Five" was born (you noticed these two rhymy sentences?). Cool for me, not cool for my daddy. A cool name, five cool boys skidded by puberty, a cool time but not any cool played music. The cats in the neighborhood came together and asked for signing a contract with us...

While I raised the eleventh form, the lads from 2Unlimited Five" and I quit and a new process with musicians of the band "Rockinīs Great" (what a name!) went its way. The guys of RG were all at the rival and hated second of three secondary schools in town. And my first task was to terminate their singer. I managed that with graduation by buying his FX-voiceprocessor (a good old Alesis Microverb 3). Itīs in our FX-rack until today! End of commercials. At this point "Voyage" was born, but not named this way, with Stefan Zeh tapping the keyboards, Tobi Kastl playing the guitars, me as the singer and three other good friends.

These were the days in 1991 my school career took a new way. I went onto a technical highschool to make my exams I needed to study mechanical engineering and later to become a teacher with the main subject in religious scientics and education. I think that hits and fits!

And thatīs the point where the real fast car is mentioned: In 1992 I crashed the car of my mom driving at the speed of 115 mph (thatīs o.k. on Germanyīs interstates). Of course it was not my fault, but my parents did not want me to drive their cars anymore. So a new experience hit my life. It was yellow, rainbow brushed at both sides and a cabriolet. It was eight mph faster than it was possible watching its scale of speed (62 mph) and strong like a bear. Guess, what car it was! A Citroen 2CV6 with 28 PS. From now on gigs all over the world were able to be played! The musty smell of our small town could be left behind. Now I know: The world costs about 800 dollars and a pocket full of bugs for gasoline.

4. The last years - The Voyage years

Throughout the whole time doing my "universital" experiences the music ruled my life. In the band faces changed and we produced our first CD under the name of RG in 1995 and the second as well known "Voyage" in 1999. Six years after Rupert Friedrich and two years after Martin Steigenberger reached the band. I wonīt have to miss these lads, I tell you! Weīre just like a community, sometimes like "Big Brother", you know?

Itīs time for me to choose between boring life at school as a teacher and nasty life with my friends, fun and Rock īnī Roll. Of course itīs better to stand on teachersī side near the board than to sit on pupilsī chairs.

But my heartīs beeting the rythm of Rock īnī Roll and everybody should live a life that reduces the risk of heart-attacks. Thatīs the wisdom of German cigarette-packs. You can help me reducing the risk of heart trouble on an easy way: Join us at our next show and party. Me and my lads Pfingsti, Tobi, Rupi and Masch will be glad to welcome you.

Greetings from Bavaria

P.S.: Some notes to the songs of our new album "Welcome to your mind"
  1. The day after
    We woke up this way after a weird band-pool-party in June 1999
  2. Facing tomorrow
    Hold your head up high, youth. Every generation has to handle ist own problems. Donīt let the older minor them! They are your fears not theirs.
  3. Take my hands
    Everyone has helping hands.
  4. What do you want?
    Tell me by e-mail!
  5. I wanna be the one
    Cäcilia, let me be the one.
  6. Trust
    These are greetings to a good old friend of mine.
  7. Iīm not to take it
    To have played before "Whitesnake" in Austria recently.
  8. Experience
    I wish Iīd written these lyrics.
  9. Welcome to your mind
    Hello!? Is there anybody?
  10. 250 seconds
    Great break for me in our live show.
  11. Tell me
    Yes, by e-mail. I already told you!
  12. Heaven or hell
    A schoolboyīs dream was lost and found.
  13. Disaster called love
    This song reminds me of my Citroen 2CV6. I loved it, but it was a disaster!
  14. Know you too well
    This song of Rupi is coming near.